Inspiration.. Sometimes it's in the most unexpected places

As you can tell by looking at my portfolio I am really into different textures of hair and applications of different materials (i.e. chains, metal doll hair) into the hair. Sometimes these ideas just come to me when walking through a craft store or when I have the pleasure of rooting through my Mom's flower shop inventory, it's like treasure hunting for total badass hair crafting magic, other times I'm inspired by people of different cultures and sometimes I'm just inspired by someone walking down the street in their pajamas. YouTube is a wealth of garbage and gems all blended into one undeniably strange experience. I'm never not surprised what people will actually post, but... ALAS! Sometimes inspiration comes dressed up in a lo-res kitchen video of a 12 year old in Poland rocking some weirdo braiding technique. I will eventually get to post a video of something I'm inspired by and then show how I take it and make it my own. But for now while I'm still new to this process I will just post videos of things I'm inspired by. This video is of African Hair Threading which is used to stretch the hair out for women with really tight curls to make their hair more manageable. I think it will be awesome as a style especially for Festival Season using some colorful thread to wrap it or some leather! It's a great way to control your hair and make it fun at the same time, notably for my curly haired sisters with thick, hard to manage hair who are looking for new styling techniques. I will put this in my arsenal of things to try in the very near future!