Putting on Make-up.. Sometimes it's a DRAGGG!

I have recently been trying to up my wig department game, so where better to start my ascent to full on wiggery than on YouTube? I quickly found myself in a rabbit hole full of serious talent and wonderful tips and tricks, and just as quickly moved on to a rabbit hole smattered with glorious drag makeovers and hilarity.  So I wanted to share this makeover done on James St. James by Milk who you know from Rupaul's Drag Race. The brilliance that is infused into this comical makeover is SO INSPIRING. I just love the out of the box thinking that was used to achieve this "teenager dressed as their favorite celebrity" look. Also if anyone knows a wig genius in the LA area who would like some help in exchange for sharing some of their expertise please email me their contact info! ENJOY THE MAKEOVER!!