Russian Roulette

Recently a client asked me to do research for an upcoming historical shoot based on the popularity of a shoot that we did a few months ago involving "cultural makeovers" where we made women over in a traditional way based on their ethnic background. It was a fun and enlightening shoot but we weren't really sure how it would go over - to date it has over 2 million views! I'm so happy and excited that other people are as interested in traditional cultures and backgrounds as I am! With all the globalization and homogenization of the world happening we are losing many of these traditions every day, so documenting and creating interest is an exciting prospect for me. Researching for these types of projects is super awesome because I learn about history from around the world which I never learned in school. The stand out in this project was the Romanov Dynasty of Russia since I am not well versed in Russian culture or history, although living in LA that is beginning to change... many of these high cheek boned beauties running around here are Russian! The Romanov Dynasty was in power for three centuries and came to a dramatic end with the whole family being gunned down at once by rebel forces, and after this event communism was born in Russia. It's an interesting and influential part of history, although very dark. I have included photos from the family in the later era of their reign. The dress was regal with reserved opulence, the women wore cinched waists with beautiful hats and the men were in military uniforms and formal attire. The little girl's hair had a Gibson girl quality with billowy height in the front, sometimes all up and sometimes half down with curls at the bottom and almost always with a bow. I find the shapes very interesting and wonder if they used backcombing, what kinds of products they used and how they secured the hair. I will always be grateful that my job encompasses so many facets of life and that I get to be a lifelong student because of hairdressing! As always, if anyone has any answers to my questions or any input please email me!  Enjoy!